World PRP™️ Hair Restoration

World PRP™️ (Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment) is widely used to remove various facial and neck wrinkles caused by aging. The procedure begins with the collection of the body’s own venous blood. Through a process such as centrifugation and concentration of platelets and white blood cells, autologous plasma rich in highly concentrated growth factors is produced. PRP is injected superficially into the skin through the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and gliadin, and to adjust the skin’s entire structure. It is a non-surgical treatment with very little pain and no general anesthesia is required.


How It Works

01/ Input platelet concentrated plasma

02/ Platelets and white blood cells secrete a variety of growth factors

03/ Growth factors activate stem cells

04/ Production of skin elasticity cells such as collagen and elastin by proliferation and division of stem cells

Operating procedures

Treatment Steps


Operating Time & Interval:

45-60 minutes, recommended interval of 4 weeks.



Treatable Area:




Powerful wrinkle reduction, scar removal, skin texture optimization, anti-aging, pigmentation reduction


World PRP™️ Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

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