World PRP™️ Hair Restoration

The World PRP™️ (Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment) Hair Restoration works by collecting the body’s own venous blood and centrifuging platelets and white blood cells to produce autologous plasma with high concentrations of growth factors. The platelets and white blood cells secrete a variety of growth factors, which activate stem cells and help hair growth and thickening. Autologous serum hair growth is a non-surgical treatment that is very mildly painful, safe and non-repulsive and does not require general anesthesia.


How It Works

01/ Input platelet concentrated plasma
02/ Platelets and white blood cells secrete a variety of growth factors
03/ Growth factors activate stem cells
04/ Production of skin elastin cells such as collagen and elastin under stem cell proliferation and division

PRP has shown positive results on hair growth in many clinical trials, where it was observed to reverse hair loss, promote hair growth and increase hair thickness.

Operating procedures

World PRP™️ Hair Restoration Procedure


Operating Time & Interval:

60 minutes, one session per month, three sessions per course


Treatable Areas:




Improve hair growth


World PRP™️ Hair Restoration Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

This treatment uses the FUE minimally invasive technique to extract hair follicles singly, and after aseptic screening, healthy hair follicles are implanted into the balding area to grow thick, natural-looking hair. FUE is the least invasive and fastest recovery technique for permanent hair transplantation on the market today.

Medical-grade Low Energy Level Photodynamic Therapy (LLLT) uses light to modulate the function of cells in a clinical setting to speed up wound healing time, relieve pain, treat septic acne and rejuvenate the skin. When irradiated on the scalp area, it increases blood circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair follicle growth.

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