Ultherapy® is the most advanced ultrasound device available for reversing aging. The focused ultrasound technology enables high-energy ultrasound waves to be targeted at treatable areas without damaging any tissue. The treatment can target at 4.5MM, 3.0MM and 1.5MM under the skin, inputting precise ultrasonic energy, causing tissue cells to rub together to produce a high thermal effect and condensing heat into microscopic “hot spots”. These “hot spots” will stimulate the skin tissue self-renewal mechanism. The thermal energy can stimulate collagen self-synthesis increase, tissue filling and remodelling while enhancing collagen fibres and elasticity fibres.


How It Works

Ultherapy® is an ultrasound wave with excellent penetrating ability, which can be focused on the  1.6-4.5mm (fascial layer) of skin with high-intensity positioning. By simultaneously emitting 600-1200 rounds of ultrasound nano-wave generating high-frequency friction between each other during focusing, thousands of thermal condensation points are provoked, which will instantly generate 60~75 degrees of heat. The thermal stimulation generated by ultrasound waves will cause three stages of cellular repair in the fascial layer: 1) cellular thermal damage; 2) gathering its own energy to repair; 3) generating new cells. After these three stages of cell repair, the body produces a large number of ACME-TEA generating peptides, so that the tightened skin is firmly repositioned on the fascial collagen scaffold, generating peptides gradually combined into an orderly arrangement of collagen, thus truly stimulating cell renewal and fascial repair, to achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening, smooth skin, and fundamentally solve the skin aging problem. It is safe, non-invasive and painless, with remarkable effect.


Why Ultherapy®

Advantage 01

SMAS Layer One-Time Lift, Long-Lasting Results

The treatment depth is between 1.5MM to 4.5 MM. The ultrasonic energy will produce thousands of tiny independent thermal coagulation points directly to the SMAS fascia layer. It stimulates collagen renewal and reconstructs the elastic and strong support network. Just one treatment session is required to achieve the long-lasting and visible results of lifting and tightening, as well as wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation of the skin.

Advantage 02

New Energy Transmission Mode, Safe And Comfortable

Ultrasonic energy is precisely focused deep into the SMAS layer to activate the collagen renewal mechanism from the inside out, achieving lifting and firming results. This heat transfer mode skips the epidermis, with no risk of heat residue or burns. The treatment process is more comfortable and safe with minimal pain.

Advantage 03

Intelligent Temperature Guarantee, Immediate And Visible Results

The treatment temperature is 65℃-70℃, which is the best temperature for all non-invasive skin tightening devices and the best temperature for collagen renewal. The lifting and tightening results are immediate and visible. The energy skims the epidermis, without heating the skin or causing epidermal damage.

Advantage 04

Sonic Image Positioning, Unparalleled Precision

The “Positioning Indicator Line” and automatic energy alert allow the doctor to precisely control the treatment depth and energy level. The “DEEPSEE” instant imaging technology allows for observing the fascial tissue up to 8mm deep at any time.

Advantage 05

Millions Of Safety Testimonials

The device was launched in Europe and Asia in 2008, and certified by the U.S. FDA in 2009 with millions of success testimonials and is considered one of the most popular and recognized anti-aging treatments by Hollywood celebrities.


Operating Time & Interval:

The entire procedure takes 60-120 minutes per session, recommended once a year.


Treatable Areas:




Fascia lifting, firming and tightening, anti-aging.



1.Consultation And Plan Discussion – 2. Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 3. Cleaning Of Operation Area – 4. Start Of Treatment – 5. Aftercare – 6. Completion


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:


Ultherapy® Results




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