Thread Lifting

The principle of Thread Lift is to implant “threads” made of absorbable proteins into the area that needs to be lifted to improve the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin through the lifting of the threads, thus maintaining an upright and youthful appearance of the skin. The principle is different from what’s used for injectables, which smooth out facial wrinkles through fillers. 


How It Works

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Breaks Down First, Then Builds Up

Stimulates the skin to regenerate new cells through balanced destruction of subcutaneous tissue; optimizes the quality of new cells and increases the density of collagen and elastic fibres in the skin through targeted subcutaneous repair nutrition.

Create A Firming Framework For The Skin

The threads buried under the skin do not perform the framework function by themselves, and scar tissue will quickly proliferate around the threads after the procedure. Each thread is a strip of more contracted hyperplastic threads, as if it were a scar, which helps to tighten the skin to achieve firmness.

Stimulates Collagen Regeneration

Buried threads will stimulate the repair process of the bod, which makes it the best timing to replenish ACME-TEA repair collagen. It not only balances the nutrition of the facial skin but also increases the density of collagen and elastic fibres. ACME-TEA repair collagen is rich in EGF epidermal growth factor, which can target and capture damaged cells and repair them intelligently, increasing the overall firmness of the skin and prolonging the firming power.


The Effect Of Submerged Thread Lifting On Each Dermal Layer

Epidermal Layer: Brightens The Skin

Dermis: Collagen Regeneration

Subcutaneous Tissue: Support And Filling

SMAS Fascia: Deep Lifting

Ligamentous Structure: Tightening And Elasticity

Muscle Layer: Reset And Fixation

Three advantages

Why Thread Lifting

Advantage 01

Skin Brightening

After treatment, the microcirculation of local skin tissues will be accelerated, which will lead to stronger cell regeneration and tissue repair with moisturizing skin. With a healthy lifestyle, this treatment also helps brighten the skin.

Advantage 02

Stimulates Collagen Renewal

The lifting threads used in facial thread sculpting can penetrate deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen regeneration and elastin fibre reorganization, allowing the body to regenerate a connective tissue scaffold for lasting support. Patients will often find that their facial skin quality has improved to some degree after the treatment.

Advantage 03

Improve Facial Wrinkles

This treatment uses threads made of absorbable proteins to lift the fascial layer, which allows the skin to be fully lifted, thus improving facial wrinkles caused by gravity, such as the lines on the corners of the mouth.


Operating Time & Interval:

45-60 minutes, recommended interval of one year


Treatable Areas:

Cheek Muscle, Jawline, Saggy Skin



Improve wrinkles and saggy skin, reduce lines, nasolabial folds and sagging of cheek muscles



The first step of the face lift treatment is to assess the patient’s facial condition and customize a face lift plan to fit the patient’s needs. The doctor will use a surgical marker to draw lines on the jaw area for treatment purposes. 

After the treatment, we will clean and disinfect the face to guarantee the safety of the procedure. Usually the doctor will use iodine volts to disinfect the face before the thread sculpture, the disinfection range is generally centered on the thread sculpture puncture point, extending around 10-15 cm for disinfection.

The third step of the face lift procedure is usually anesthesia, which is usually a local surface anesthesia.

The process of facial thread sculpting may require the use of different threads such as large V threads, smooth threads, etc.

After the implantation of absorbable threads, the treatment is basically completed. The next step is to apply ice packs to the face after the treatment to soothe the facial capillaries and reduce facial swelling.


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:




Recommended Treatments

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