Skin Rejuvenation

PicoWay® Laser ····································· $750/session

The use of a picosecond-level laser is more rapid and accurate in completely breaking down the melanin particles while leaving the normal skin intact. Thus, the effect of spot rejuvenation is achieved.

BBL™ Acne / Pigmentation / Vascular Reduction ··· $560/session

The multi-band spectrum operates in a targeted manner according to the skin problem. Specific wavelengths can suppress sebaceous glands, killing bacteria and curbing inflammation, therefore inhibiting the regeneration of stubborn acne from the root. Specific wavelengths can reduce skin pigmentation, remove spots and inhibit redness while whitening the skin.

DPL Dynamic Pulsed Light ···································· $350/session

By using high-energy narrow-spectrum light, the wavelengths are controlled at the peak absorption of hemoglobin and melanin. This treatment is highly effective in treating superficial vascular and pigmentation problems with high efficiency and rejuvenating effect.

BBL™ – BroadBand Light ···································· $380/session

The world's first clinically proven genetic anti-aging solution. The treatment demonstrates that receiving regular sessions of BroadBand Light anti-aging treatment can slow down skin aging and make skin radiant, smooth, translucent and bright, returning it to a young and healthy state.


HiFULDM ······································$528/session

The HiFULDM Duo Waves Facial System is a technologically advanced system that offers you the benefits of both a skin-plumping facial and a collagen-building facial in one treatment. This treatment brings a delicate natural lifting effect through specific tissue contraction without damaging the epidermis. HiFULDM has a quadruple wavelength cross-frequency technology that generates 1, 3, 10 and 17 MHZ at the same time. With four cross wavelengths acting together on the skin, this treatment helps with collagen regeneration, bringing a lifting, hydration, whitening and anti-inflammatory effect.


HydraFacial® ······································$200/session

A non-invasive skin care treatment which deeply purifies, moisturizes, and nourishes skin by accelerating metabolism, balancing oil and leaving skin clean and clear.


Black Doll Laser ····································· $288/session

By applying a carbon layer on the whole face, the imported carbon element is used as a medium to carry more energy, and after it enters the pores, the specific wavelength of 1065nm acts on the melanin in the epidermis and deep dermis, and the carbon powder acting on the special light is heat-blasted to shatter the pigment masses deposited in the epidermis, thus realizing the purpose of skin whitening and improving dullness.


Skin Care (Facial) ······································$168/session

Based on the client’s skin condition analysis, we pinpoint the skin problems and possible issues existing in daily skincare procedures. Through continuous treatment and management with a combination of techniques, products and equipment, we offer an all-in-one session to help improve skin problems and maintain youthful and vibrant skin.


Lumenis M22™ ······································$460/session

By irradiating intense pulsed light to the treatment area, hitting melanin and capillaries directly, and converting light energy into heat after irradiation, this session repairs skin damage. In addition, it can also work on light spots that are difficult to remove using regular lasers, thus providing a whitening effect. Consistent treatments help stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, thus promoting the regeneration of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

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