Skin Rejuvenation


PicoWay® Laser ····································· $750/session

The PicoWay® laser system uses a picosecond laser beam with high power and ultra-short pulses to transform skin appearance. Treats acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, and removes tattoos.


DPL Dynamic Pulsed Light ···································· $350/session

A non-ablative and non-invasive treatment that incorporates laser and IPL technologies to treat conditions such as melasma and dull or tired skin. DPL is able to reach into the skin's deeper dermal layers to effectively reduce pigmentation, generating visibly brighter skin.


BBL™ Acne / Vascular Reduction ···································· $560/session

Uses pulsed light energy in order to target bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the glands that have the propensity to cause acne and other skin disorders. This will improve acne, pore damage, and overall skin quality.


BBL™ – Forever Young ···································· $380/session

Forever Young BBL™ is a revolutionary treatment that sends light energy deep into the skin to boost your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal.


HiFULDM ······································$528/session

HiFULDM facial lift is a high-intensity, focused ultrasound wave that can precisely reach all skin layers, generating natural lifting and improved elasticity results. HiFU+HiLDM helps to achieve natural skin sculpting without the need for surgery.


HydraFacial® ······································$200/session

Hydrafacial® is a non-invasive, non-laser-based skin care treatment that uses a 4-in-1 Vortex technology to gently and painlessly remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving the skin well moisturized, improving minor imperfections and various skin problem, while maintaining a bright and healthy skin quality.


Black Doll Laser ····································· $288/session

It uses nano-carbon particles with a high intensity pulse of light to destroy skin surface impurities and blackheads that are clogging in skin follicles and pores.


Skin Management ······································$168/session

A treatment combining the use of professional products, beauty instruments, and beauty techniques. Skin management can remove skin impurities from both the surface and deep layers of the skin, effectively improving problematic skin.


Lumenis M22™ ······································$460/session

The Nd:YAG module of M22™ technology offers treatments for redness, hemangiomas, leg veins and facial wrinkles. Precise and comfortable treatment with four cooled and interchangeable devices.


FreezePen ······································$300/session

The Freezpen can treat common skin conditions such as corns, flat warts, freckles, and other skin symptoms. It is safe, non-toxic, and painless for sterilization.