Pore Perfection

CO2RE®️ Fractional Laser ···································· $490/session

Using a 10,600nm matrix laser, the CO2RE fractional resurfacing treatment precisely vaporizes epidermal skin tissue, stimulates collagen regeneration and naturally triggers healthy new tissue growth. The improvement is remarkable for the treatment of deep acne pits and scars.

ProFractional® Laser ···································· $400/session

Utilizing an ablative matrix laser with a wavelength of 2940nm, which delivers energy differently than other fractional lasers, this treatment decreases heat buildup on the skin surface, reduces discomfort and brings fast recovery.

HALO® Laser ··································· $1280/session

The world's first dual-frequency fractional laser procedure that uses both ablative and non-ablative laser technology to address a wide range of skin concerns with precision and efficiency.

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ClearLift™ Laser ···································· $398/session

This treatment regenerates collagen and helps the skin to form more support in the dermal structure, thus enhancing skin elasticity and providing a lifting and firming effect.

MTS Microneedling ····································· $250/session

By stimulating the skin with ultra-micro-needles and using "point-to-point" ultra-micro-penetration technology, this treatment makes “micro-pipelines” on the skin within a short period of time and directly introduces the active nutrients into the deep skin cells. At the same time, the micro-needle stimulates the dermis. Through skin's self-healing ability, it effectively stimulates the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis, increasing skin elasticity and thickness.

Skin Booster ······································$650/session

By introducing small molecules of hyaluronic acid and other products into the skin, this treatment will attract water molecules to bind inside the skin and immediately retain moisture. Meanwhile, it improves dull and rough skin by making it hydrated and elastic.


CLARITY II ·····································$460/session

Clarity II is a new generation of dermatology lasers introduced by Lutronic Korea, providing a safe and comfortable hair removal experience. This treatment is also effective at whitening and rejuvenation, tightening and lifting, as well as pore refining.

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