PicoWay® Laser

PicoWay® is an innovative dual wavelength picosecond laser. Its unique holographic pixel picosecond technology creates a dual effect on the skin, effectively targeting benign pigmented lesions, physically breaking up melanin without thermal damage and with low damage to surrounding intact skin tissue. It also initiates dermal collagen renewal from the inside out. The FDA-approved treatment is effective in removing various tattoos. The number of sessions is greatly reduced compared to traditional laser treatments, making it a powerful tool for stubborn tattoo removal. PicoWay® is a breakthrough cosmetic laser with “dual wavelength (532nm/1064nm) + holographic pixel focus technology”, which is particularly effective in removing spots. The treatment has a faster and more powerful energy, which can directly crush melanin into “dust”, which is more easily metabolized by the body.


How It Works

As an ultra-intelligent picosecond laser,  PicoWay®  precisely beautifies skin in eight dimensions at 11 times the speed of light, including skin tone, radiance, delicacy, moistness, elasticity, whitening, activity, and smoothness. In addition to strengthening the effect of spot removal, PicoWay® also smoothens skin and solves aging skin issues, brightens skin tone and improves skin texture. This treatment can effectively solve a variety of skin problems and bring your skin back to its youthful state.


Why PicoWay®

Short Recovery Time

The use of holographic diffraction fractional light speed delivers predictable energy to ensure uniform healing effect, optimize the treatment effect and greatly shorten the downtime after treatment.

Improve Oily Skin, Reduce Pores

The treatment can precisely act on the deep dermis. Through the unique mechanical effect, the high energy stimulates the subcutaneous collagen renewal and fills up the cell gap, thus achieving the purpose of pore size reduction. Meanwhile, it can effectively regulate and inhibit sebaceous glands, and eliminate blackheads and whiteheads while improving oily skin.

Safe & Stable Results

The photoacoustic effect of ultra-short pulses has high-intensity instantaneous energy to physically break down melanin with very low damage to surrounding intact tissues, making the treatment faster, more comfortable and safer.

Wide Range Of Treatment

With the full range of wavelengths and the full range of diffraction fractional technology, it can effectively solve various facial problems such as the treatment of pigmented diseases, removal of various colour tattoos, and improvement of fine lines.


Operating Time & Interval:

60 minutes per session, once a month


Treatable Areas:

Face, neck, back, and other areas requiring treatment



Removal of pigmentation, skin whitening, improvement of skin texture, reduction of acne scars and pits, tattoo removal



1. Consultation – 2. Signing of consent and photography – 3. Full-face makeup removal and cleansing – 4. Commencement of the treatment – 5. Post-treatment care – 6. Completion


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:


PicoWay® Laser Treatment Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

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