Metabolism Activating Injections

Metabolism Activating Injections are multivitamins and minerals injected intravenously into the bloodstream to effectively purify the blood, accelerate the body’s metabolic cycle, eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, and slow down the signs of aging. Metabolism Activating Injection is rich in B-vitamins, vitamin C, multivitamins, and L-carnitine. Among them, L-Carnitine helps to inhibit sebum secretion in the sebaceous line to enhance metabolism. Vitamin B12 helps break down fats and carbohydrates, and works to stimulate the brain, nerve and immune system functions, thus strengthening immunity, memory, concentration, and helping to lift the mood.


How It Works


Inhibit sebaceous gland oil production to enhance metabolism

vitamin C

Promote collagen biosynthesis, improve the metabolism of fats and lipids, especially cholesterol, and enhance the body’s resistance to stress and immunity to the external environment


Emit balanced wavelength energy through precise positioning, activating growth factors in every corner of the face and revitalizing the skin’s all-round youthfulness.

Vitamin B family

Help the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, and stimulate the functions of the brain, nerves and immune system, thereby strengthening immunity, memory, concentration, and more


Operating Time & Interval:

15-30 minutes, 1 session per week, 8 sessions per course


Treatable Areas:

Muscle Injection



Solve subhealth issues, strengthen metabolism, help with fat loss and body slimming



1.Consultation – 2. Assessment – 3. Injection Plan – 4. Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 5. Disinfection – 6. Injection – 7. Aftercare – 8. Completion



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

Botox is injected into the muscle to temporarily reduce muscle activity, resulting in wrinkle removal, face contouring, leg slimming, shoulder slimming, and anti-sweating.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the natural components of human skin. By injecting hyaluronic acid, the skin can be plumped up, thus softening facial lines and improving facial structure.

Passing through the subcutaneous tissue, this treatment boosts the number of lipase in local fat cells, then stimulates the activation of protein, which converts the deoxyribonucleic triphosphate in the cells into deoxyribonucleic acid, prompting the activation of fat and increasing the cut-off fatty acid, which is broken down into a fine state and discharged from the body by the lymphatic system with the body’s metabolism.

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