LUVO Darwin™️

LUVO Darwin™️ is the latest anti-aging technology available in the medical aesthetics market and comes from the same family as WORLD PRP Serum Skin Resurfacing. Combining Ultherapy®, Thermage®, RF Microneedling in one, it is considered the most cost-effective anti-aging treatment as it can solve multiple aging problems in one session.

LUVO Darwin™️ has 3 operating handpieces to target different skin layers: [REFRESH RF – Thermage®] – 3.0mm superficial fascia layer, [PROLIFT RFM – RF Microneedling] – 2.0mm dermis layer, [PROLIFT HIFU – Ultherapy®] – SMAS fascia layer.

LUVO Darwin™️ Operating Handpieces


Operating Time & Interval:

Divided into two treatment stages, each treatment 1.5-2 hours, stage treatment interval of about 1 month

Each treatment interval of 6 months


Treatable Areas:




Internal and external contour lifting, sagging tightening, collagen regeneration, texture smoothing, scar reduction, skin tightening and sculpting



1. Consultation – 2. Assessment – 3.Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 4. Cleaning & Disinfection – 5. Applying Anesthetics – 6. Start Of Treatment – 7. Aftercare – 8. Completion


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:


LUVO Darwin™️ Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

This is a comprehensive treatment which combines the characteristics of microneedle minimally invasive technology and radiofrequency heating, and uses a disposable probe that can be adjusted to the depth of treatment to locate the exact depth of treatment for different skin conditions to achieve the effect of skin tightening.

Focused ultrasound and the body’s self-healing process are used to achieve a lifting and tightening effect on the treated area. It is also suitable for sagging skin on the brow, neck, chin and even upper chest area.

The monopolar RF using capacitive coupling technology releases heat energy to turn on the self-healing function of the damaged skin. This treatment allows the skin to regenerate collagen on its own. The elastic fibres are remodelled, thus achieving a firming and anti-aging effect.

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