HiFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) : elasticity, wrinkle, contour line management; 7MHz continuous high intensity high energy focused ultrasound knife (HiFU) technology HiLDM (Local Dynamic Micro-massage) : collagen & elastin production / water drop lift management Available Multiple ultrasonic waves (1,3,10,17MHz) cross-acting ultrasound technology at the skin layer using only one machine, HiFU + HiLDM help to achieve natural skin sculpting without surgery.


HiFU Principle

HiFULDM Facial Lift is a high-intensity, focused ultrasound wave that can precisely reach all skin layers, revealing natural lifting and elasticity results. 


HiLDM Principle

HiFULDM utilizes 4 repetitive combined frequencies (1, 3, 10, 17MHz) that are cross-generated every 500th of a second to form new wavelengths and achieve pressure graients to promote balanced skin cell production and breakdown, helping to solve overall skin problems.

HIFULDM operating heads


HiLDM Multiple High-Frequency Hydration Management

High Density Variable Speed Ultrasound
By varying the wavelength of 4 frequencies (1, 3, 10, 17MHz), the ECM is stimulated to equalize, thus solving complex skin problems.

  • Up to 4 types of variable speed ultrasound can be administered (5 procedures can be selected according to skin type)
  • Suitable for management in aesthetic clinics before and after skin surgery
  • Comprehensive skin problem (aging, acne, etc.) management
  • New concept of skin treatment to optimize the regenerative immune system

HiFU High Focus Firming and Lifting Management.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Powerful ultrasound energy creates thermal coagulation points in specific deep tissues. No-incision facial lift that immediately lifts the skin without damaging the epidermis.

  • Heat generation in the skin tissue at 50~65℃
  • Induce the resynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers through the contraction of specific tissues
  • Naturally lift and improve the elasticity of the skin to create a smooth face without surgery


Operating Time & Interval:

60-90 minutes, recommended interval of 4 weeks


Treatable Areas:

Face, Eye Area



Hydrating, anti-aging, lifting, tightening. HiFU enhances skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. HiLDM simultaneously generates four frequency cross wavelengths to maximize collagen regeneration.



1.Consultation And Plan Discussion – 2. Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 3. Disinfection – 4. Begin Of Treatment – 5. Aftercare – 6. Completion


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:


HiFULDM Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

Combining RF microneedling, focused ultrasound tightening, and monopolar RF lifting, this 3in1 anti-aging treatment can enhance internal and external facial contours, while achieving the effects of anti-aging, tightening, and rejuvenating.

Focused ultrasound and the body’s self-healing process are used to achieve a lifting and tightening effect on the treated area. It is also suitable for sagging skin on the brow, neck, chin and even upper chest area.

The monopolar RF using capacitive coupling technology releases heat energy to turn on the self-healing function of the damaged skin. This treatment allows the skin to regenerate collagen on its own. The elastic fibres are remodelled, thus achieving a firming and anti-aging effect.

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