Lipodissolving Therapy​

Excessive submental fat is a problem that bothers many people. There are many reasons causing this issue, such as age, genetics, weight, etc. It can be difficult to get rid of it even with extensive dieting and exercise. Our Fat Dissolve treatment reshapes the chin and jawline through its main ingredient – deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a natural substance that is inherently present in the body to promote fat digestion and breakdown. Properly injected at the location where double chin fat accumulates using multi-point injections can effectively break down fat cells, tighten the skin, improve facial contour and shape the perfect curve of the neck.


How It Works

The Fat Dissolve injection works by injecting a liquid containing fat-dissolving substances directly into the subcutaneous fat layer of the body to break down the subcutaneous fat. As the substances pass through the subcutaneous tissue, they stimulate an increase in the amount of lipase in the local fat cells, which in turn stimulates the activation of proteins. The method will cause the conversion of deoxyribonucleic triphosphate into deoxyribonucleic acid within the cells, prompting the activation of fat and increasing the cut-off fatty acids, which will be broken down into a fine state and discharged from the body by the lymphatic system as the body metabolizes.


Lipodissolving Therapy v.s. Botox

Lipodissolving Therapy​:

Target Clients:
This treatment is ideal for patients who have excessive subcutaneous fat, not excessive muscle. Such patients usually suffer from the problem of superficial fat hypertrophy of the face, that is, the hypertrophy of the subcutaneous fat layer. In fact, this issue causes not only facial fat, but diffuses subcutaneous fat hypertrophy in all parts of the body, and also often accompanied by cheek fat hypertrophy.

By injecting the lipolysis substances into the fat layer, the balance between fat formation and autolysis is broken, thus stimulating the increase of fat cell enzyme count. This will cause the fat activation to be broken down into fine particles, which are finally metabolized and discharged from the body, achieving the principle of face slimming with quick and visible result.


Target Clients:
Neurotoxin is suitable for obese people with hypertrophy of the bite muscle. The subcutaneous fat layer is right below the bite muscle. When biting or chewing, there is an obvious bite muscle bulge.

Neurotoxin, also known as Botox, works by injecting botulinum toxin into the bite muscle area, which effectively reduces the association between tissue cells after facial injection. It then relaxes the developed muscles at the injection site and causes them to contract, making the tissue at the injection site gradually smaller to achieve a facial slimming effect.


Operating Time & Interval

15-30 minutes, recommended interval is 1 month


Treatable Areas:

Double Chin, Submental Area



Decompose facial fat cells, improve facial contour, shape the perfect curve of the face and neck


Lipodissolving Therapy​ Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

A biological product that is injected into muscles to relax them and reduce excessive contractions. This results in wrinkle reduction and prevention, muscle slimming and contouring, reduced sweating and other targeted effects.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected under the skin. Dermal fillers are meant to create a smoother or fuller appearance or the facial contours, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

By injecting lipolytic substances into the subcutaneous layer, the adipocytes are broken down into fine particles, metabolized and excreted from the body to achieve body contouring and slimming with quick and visible results.