Evoke is a revolutionary non-surgical facial resurfacing program. Evoke is a new FDA and Health Canada-approved technology for natural skin resurfacing. This proprietary, non-invasive technology is the first of its kind in the medical aesthetics industry to restructure and rejuvenate the tissues of the face and neck. The treatment gives you a youthful appearance without anesthesia, surgical scars or downtime by penetrating energy into the subcutaneous layers and heating (Fibro Septal Network). Using the radiofrequency principle, it operates at a temperature of up to 43 degrees, effectively tightening the double chin/facial skin. Evoke is also available in a painless facial lipolysis modality for eliminating double chin and stubborn fat on the cheeks.

The Main Causes Of Sagging Skin

Human skin has a layered structure of epidermis and dermis. The dermis, which is deeper than the epidermis, is about 70% collagen and elastin, which binds the collagen together. Hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance, absorbs water between them. It fills in and supports the skin’s firmness and elasticity while holding it in place. When collagen, which makes up most of the dermis, degrades and decreases due to UV rays, aging, stress and hormonal imbalances, the thickness of the dermis thins and the skin loses elasticity and resilience, leading to sagging. In addition to causing wrinkles, fine lines may also become visible. Evoke uses a high-frequency machine that can help improve the sagging skin due to external stimuli such as aging and UV rays that cause a decrease in collagen.

Evoke Chin Applicator

Covers both cheeks from underneath the chin

Evoke Face Applicator

Cover both cheeks like how headphones cover both ears

Evoke automatically sends high-frequency signals to generate heat for a certain period of time, and the machine automatically manages skin temperature so the doctor changes the direction of the instrument and adjusts the temperature setting during the treatment. It is a hands-free design that essentially eliminates the need for manual manipulation. During the treatment, aesthetician uses one of the two specialized applicators that target the desired areas, such as the cheeks and chin, for the treatment. The two Evoke applicators can deliver high-frequency energy more effectively and induce thermal effects depending on the area to be treated. Both have the same principle of generating high frequencies through the electrodes provided in the device to bring heat to the skin. The Evoke Face Applicator is used for facial sculpting if you want to improve the sagging of the cheeks. The Evoke Chin Applicator is used if you want to treat double chin, allowing the user to choose according to the various treatment purposes.

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

Since high frequencies have the effect of generating heat by rubbing against molecules in the body, there is a risk of excessive skin temperature and burns on the treated area if high frequency energy is applied continuously for a long period of time in ordinary high frequency machine treatments. Evoke can set an automatically controlled temperature threshhold so that the surface temperature does not exceed the set temperature in the range of 35°C to 43°C due to the heat generated by the high frequency. The machine automatically adjusts the high frequency energy so that the skin temperature does not rise above the set temperature, thus preventing excessive temperature rise during the procedure.


Operating Time & Interval:

30-45 minutes, one session per week, 4-6 sessions per course


Treatable Areas:

Facial Jawline, Double Chin



A comprehensive treatment for all aging symptoms on face and neck; promote the repair, regeneration, whitening, tightening and lifting of the skin from inside out.



1.Consultation And Plan Discussion – 2. Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 3. Cleaning Of Operation Area – 4. Start Of Treatment – 5. Aftercare – 6. Completion


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:


Evoke Facial Remodeling Results



After Treatment Care:

Recommended Treatments

A customizable device with different technologies: IPL, Diode, RF Microneedling, RF, and HIFU. Can deliver highly concentrated photon energy to treat pigmented lesions, wrinkles, melasma, acne and hair etc.

A targeted treatment to stimulate production of your body’s own collagen and elastin, for natural-looking results without surgery or downtime.

Helps smooth wrinkles by stimulating and increasing collagen production under the surface of the skin. An overall improvement in skin texture, skin tone and pore size can be expected after a series of treatments.