Emsclupt® is the world’s only FDA-approved muscle building and fat elimination device that uses patented HIFEM™ technology to completely destroy fat cells, while allowing deep muscles to reach the level of 20,000 extreme muscle training sessions in a short period of time, easily building abdominal muscles and peach buttocks. Emsclupt® uses HIFEM (High-IntensityFocusedElectromag neticField) technology to stimulate the nerves, causing the autologous muscles to expand and contract for extreme training. The goal of training and increasing muscle density and size is achieved through deep muscle remodelling (the growth of myogenic fibres/muscle enlargement) and the production of new collagen chains and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia).

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of HIFEM technology triggers massive lipolysis. Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulate in large amounts in fat cells. The fatty acid concentration is so high that the fat cells die and are eliminated from the body within a few weeks by normal metabolism. Emsclupt® is able to strengthen and build muscle while achieving fat loss.



Why Emsclupt®

High-INTENSITY FOCUSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (HIFEM) technology, the energy pulse of each treatment stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions, and the intensity and frequency of this “muscle contraction” can never be achieved through ordinary muscle movements. The intensity and frequency of this “muscle contraction” can never be achieved through ordinary muscle exercise. The high intensity of muscle contraction will stimulate muscle growth while inducing faster metabolism of fat cells.

General Exercise vs. Emsclupt® Body Sculpting


Fat-Burning + Muscle-Building Principle

1/ HIFEM pulse selectively drives motor neurons, without affecting or harming the skin.
2/ “Muscle contraction” stimulates fat cell metabolism and fat decomposition.
3/ Hyper-metabolism makes fat cells dysfunctional and dysfunctional, which leads to apoptosis.
4/ Simultaneous muscle strengthening and growth effect, “muscle building + fat burning” in one step.


Muscle-Building Principle

Muscle gain through general exercise is achieved by the brain controlling muscle movement neurons. The strength and amplitude of muscle contraction are limited as only part of the muscle will be exercised. It is difficult to achieve muscle gain effects in a relatively short period of time. The high-intensity muscle contraction brings about a gain effect that cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement, and is driven by Emsclupt®’s “Focused Magnetic Vibration Technology” to produce significant changes in muscle volume and muscle fibre density at the same time to achieve muscle gain, resulting in more defined muscle lines.


Fat-Loss Principle

When performing general aerobic exercise, the body mainly consumes carbohydrates in the first 10-15 minutes, and then the rate of fat burning only gradually increases, making it difficult to achieve fat loss in a short period of time. In contrast, the high-intensity muscle contraction of Emsclupt® Body Sculpting and Muscle Building leads to both overload of fat cells, causing intense lipolysis. A large number of triglycerides in the fat cells break down into free fatty acids (FFA), and the “explosion” of free fatty acids leads to functional overload, which exceeds the tolerance limit of fat cells and causes apoptosis due to the breakdown of fat cell function. The apoptotic fat cells are inactivated and decomposed within a few weeks and are completely eliminated from the body, thus achieving the result of fat loss.

three models

Three Models, Maximum Efficacy

The treatment has three modes that can be adjusted to set different pulse parameters to ensure maximum clinical efficacy, starting with low intensity and gradually increasing in intensity as tolerated by the patient.

Phase 1

Warming up the muscles to get prepared for an intensive workout. The muscles are slightly tightened and have an upward pulling sensation.

Phase 2

High-density muscle contraction (longer contraction than the first phase) brings the muscle to 100% of its limits, triggers lipolysis, increases muscle mass and causes fat cells to apoptosis at the same time. The second phase of contraction is longer and more pronounced than the first phase. Due to the difference between “a thousand contractions in a few seconds” and “a hundred contractions in a few seconds” caused by the treatment.

Phase 3

The relaxation of the muscles with low-density electromagnetic waves, which help to remove the toxins or lactic acid released by the muscles, is relatively easy to tolerate. It feels like a force tapping the muscle (about 10 times per second) and is a very slow contraction.


Operating Time & Interval

30 minutes per session, recommende 2-3 times per week, 6-8 sessions per course.


Treatable Areas:

Abdomen, Hips, Arms, Thighs, Calves



Exercise the abdominal muscles, waistline, slim belly, improve postpartum separation of the rectus abdominis; tighten the buttocks muscles, improve sagging buttocks; exercise biceps, triceps; improve thighs and calves fat and sagging problems



1.Consultation – 2. Consent Form And Photo-Taking – 3. Start Of Treatment – 4. Completion 


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:

Skin Ceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate


Emsclupt® Results



After Treatment Care:

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