Bryght Skin Brightening

Bryght Skin Brightening is a skincare treatment aimed at reducing localized melanin to achieve a brighter and more even complexion. All of Bryght’s products are made with natural ingredients and can be used to treat areas such as underarms, elbows, inner thighs, and intimate areas.

Bryght Skin Brightening Principle

Bryght Skin Brightening is not meant to change the color of your skin tone, it works by targeting only excess melanin by inhibiting an enzyme in our skin called tyrosinase which is responsible for the extra melanin production. so not to worry, this treatment will only brighten an area that is darker than your natural skin tone. For the same reason we exfoliate and wear foundation/concealer, will even out your skin tone.


Operating Time & Interval:

1~2 times a week


Treatable Areas:

Anywhere externally, such as underarms, bikini, intimate areas, face, knees, etc.



Improving skin pigmentation issues.



1. Consultation

2. Consent Form And Photo-Taking

3. Full Face Make-Up Removal And Cleansing

4. Start Of Treatment

5. Aftercare

6. Completion

Bryght Skin Brightening

Treatment Highlights

Highlight 01

Plant-based, safe ingredients

“Bryght Skin Brightening” uses a blend of natural ingredients that work together to gently lighten and even out skin tone, without harsh chemicals or toxins. The formula is carefully crafted to ensure that it is both safe and effective, providing long-lasting results with regular use. The formula is all-natural and has been approved by Health Canada and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe use.

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Effectively improves skin pigmentation

This treatment is highly effective in improving skin pigmentation issues such as sun spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It can even be safely used by individuals with cancer, eczema, lupus, or dry, delicate skin.


Bryght Skin Brightening Results


Do I have to wax or shave before treatment?

How long until the results are seen?

Why are the products listed as all-natural instead of 100% natural?



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