Body Contouring


Emsclupt® ·····································$750/session

High-intensity focused electromagnetic wave HIFEM technology is used to stimulate the muscles, thus achieving muscle fiber growth and stimulating fat decomposition at the same time, achieving non-invasive, painless and safe body sculpting.

Emsclupt® Neo ····································$1000/session

Using high intensity focused electromagnetic wave HIFEM to stimulate the muscle to produce 100% extreme movement, combined with radio frequency technology to build muscle while permanently dissolving body fat.

Vshape Ultra ·····································$800/session

The fat cell walls are shattered by ultrasonic waves emitted by the instrument and discharged by the autologous metabolism to achieve the effect of lipolysis. A radio frequency step is also included to help tighten the skin while lipolysis is in progress.

CoolSculpting® ··········································$750/pack

The only non-invasive localized body shaping treatment that is certified by both the FDA and Health Canada. The instrument cools the subcutaneous fat to 4 degrees, and the fat cells will condense, naturally decompose, and undergo apoptosis after being cooled, thus achieving fat reduction.

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