Black Doll Laser

Whitening Principle:
The specific wavelength of the laser acts on the melanin in the epidermis and the deep dermis to break up the melanin, which is finally engulfed by phagocytes or excreted directly by the sweat glands.

Pore Reduction Principle:
By applying nano charcoal powder to the face, allowing it to penetrate into the pores, and then using the laser to blast the charcoal powder particles to shatter the dirt and keratin on the epidermis. The high thermal energy generated by the treatment is conducted to the dermis layer, fully stimulating the renewal and vitality of skin cells and stimulating the repair of collagen and elastic fibers. Using the natural repair function of the muscle, new collagen is deposited and arranged in an orderly manner, thus instantly removing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores, smoothing the skin, and restoring the original elasticity of the skin.


How It Works


Why Black Doll Laser

Advantage 01

Whitening & Brightening

The energy and blasting generated during the treatment will break down the melanin on the surface and deeper layers of the skin, then expel it from the body to achieve the effect of lightening spots, improving dullness and whitening the skin.

Advantage 02

Anti-Aging & Rejuvenating

By promoting the growth of laser collagen through the cells in the laser dermis, the dermis is reshaped to effectively treat acne marks, shrink pores and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

Advantage 03

Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Tightening

After multiple laser treatments, it can effectively activate the subcutaneous collagen activity and promote the rearrangement of collagen fibres, thus reducing facial fine lines and wrinkles. 


Operating Time & Interval:

30-45 minutes, recommended interval of 4 weeks




Treatable Areas:




Reduce pore size, improve oily, uneven, and dull skin



1.Consultation – 2. Full Face Cleansing And Make-Up Removal – 3. Apply Black Doll Charcoal Powder – 4. Laser Treatment – 5. Aftercare – 6. Completion 


Recommended Products For Post-Operative Repair:



After Treatment Care:

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