Sensitive Skin Remedy

Are you troubled by various skin problems or have many concerns about your skin? Many skin problems can be derived from high skin sensitivity. By lowering the skin’s sensitivity through repairing damaged cells and thickening the skin’s cuticle, healthy skin will be restored.

Sensitive skin muscle management works by quickly repairing the stratum corneum and restoring the skin’s health through calming and hydrating products. Plant extracts such as aloe vera, centella asiatica and licorice have calming and reportative properties on sensitive skin, reduce irritation, redness, and the effects of allergies.

Reduce Skin Sensitivity, Repair Cells and Thicken Skin Cuticle
Are You Troubled by Skin Problems?
Repairing Sensitive Skin
Current Penetration Repairs Skin Barrier

Restoring sensitive skin requires repairing the skin’s natural barrier. Replenishing the skin with water and lipids through ionization and penetration can help strengthen the skin. The ionization process helps repair the skin’s water lipid membrane while strengthening the skin’s keratin, creating a stronger skin barrier. This will also help stimulate and regenerate the skin’s collagen, restoring the skin to a healthy state. As the skin becomes healthier, skin sensitivity will be reduced as there as a lower likelihood of irritation by any external stimulus.

Super Ionization Penetration and Quick Water Replenishment

Using a galvanometer, ionized water is passed through the basal layer of the skin. Ionized water can help with many of the environmental effects on the skin such as dryness or dehydration. By providing water transfer to the skin, the skin's natural moisture is replenished. Water is locked deeply in the skin, reducing any effects of dry skin.

Oxygen Injection Skin Rejuvenation Technology

By injecting pure oxygen into the deep layer of the skin using high pressure, the skin’s metabolism is accelerated. This process helps restore skin that is lacking oxygen required for cell turnover. Through this, the skin’s metabolic function improved, increasing the stratum corneum’s regenerative properties. This will allow the skin to repair quicker, improving vitality, moisture levels, while reducing skin sensitivity.

The Four Effects of Skin Repairing
  • First Benefit:

    Supplement the skin’s moisture level while improving skin sebum secretion

  • Second Benefit:

    Promote skin metabolism to help rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Third Benefit:

    Improve oxygen levels in skin cells to help reduce skin inflammation

  • Fourth Benefit:

    Promote regeneration of the stratum corneum while enhancing skin immunity to irritants

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