Choco Therapy

Choco Therapy is one of the popular skin treatments in Korea. Chocolate is rich in cocoa powder, vitamin A and vitamin E and has many beneficial effects. It promotes blood circulation, removes skin aging and excess keratin, improves pigmentation, increases skin elasticity and collagen production.

At the same time. The caffeine in the chocolate will also help stimulate the skin and provide a relaxing effect to eliminate fatigue.

Choco Therapy Improve Skin Problems
Solve Multiple Skin Problems
The Major Effects of Choco Therapy
Tightening and Lifting

Helps delay the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin to prevent sagging. It can also stimulate cell growth to make the skin healthy and elastic.


It has a moisturizing effect that is 10x more effective than hyaluronic acid that can penetrate deeply into the skin to reduce inflammation and stimulate the skin’s moisturizing properties.

Brightening and Rejuvenation

Reduces skin damage caused by UV rays, inhibits melanin production, and eliminates free radicals.

Choco Therapy Management
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