Fruit Acid Skin Rejuvenation

Principle of fruit acid skin rejuvenation: Use a high concentration of fruit acid to exfoliate skin keratin; promote the exfoliation of aging stratum corneum; accelerate the renewal rate of keratinocytes and a few upper epidermal cells; and promote the proliferation of elastic fibres in the dermis. Acne scars have good curative effects and can improve pores. However, it can be eliminated after multiple courses of treatment. The advantages are that it is safe to use and has minimal side effects.

Fruit acid skin rejuvenation medical effect: Fruit acid can promote the proliferation and rearrangement of collagen fibres in the dermis, and increase the matrix in the dermis, which will make the skin smoother, more elastic, and also improve scars. For patients with acne, in addition to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, the stratum corneum is usually thick and blocks the pores, which prevents the excretion of sebum to grow acne. Fruit acids can also make skin oil secretion while removing the cutin. It is less obstructive, so it can treat malignant acne and acne.

Fruit Acid Revitalizes Skin
Fruit Acid Skin Rejuvenation Helps You Solve Various Skin Problems.
4 Advantages Of Fruit Acid Skin Rejuvenation
Oil Control Acne

This product conditions the skin’s water and oil balance, make the stratum corneum denser and smoother, which prevents and reduces the clogging of hair follicles.

Deep Cleaning

Fruit acids extracted from various fruits can penetrate the skin, deeply clean the pores, and remove makeup residues.

Shrink Pores

This product can effectively shrink pores, improve pore size, remove blackheads and acne.

Brighten Skin Colour

It also weakens the adhesion between the stratum corneum cells, causing exfoliated dead skin cells to fall off.

Fruit Acid Skin Rejuvenation Steps
  • STEP1:

    Use a neutral cleanser for facial cleansing.

  • STEP2:

    The skin test is performed using a low concentration of 20% fruit acid.

  • STEP3:

    Depending on the condition of the skin, apply a suitable concentration of fruit acid.

  • STEP4:

    After treatment, apply an ice pack on the facial treatment area and apply a medical mask.

Recovery and Maintenance

Wash your face with clean water every day for one week after treatment, pat dry with a towel (to avoid rubbing your skin), and use an ointment or nutritional cream after washing your face as instructed by your doctor. You can stop the ointment or nutritional cream after recovery. Use cleaning products to wash your face, but do not wipe it vigorously with sponge or towel, and pat it dry to avoid irritating the skin. You can also use your original fruit acid care cream, fruit acid lotion or fruit acid gel. Before the skin returns to normal, completely avoid the sun. To avoid pigmentation, do not use sunscreen lotion, and do not wear a hat so as not to form an indentation. After the skin returns to its normal condition, you should apply sunscreen lotion. Sun protection is the most important point of care after fruit acid rejuvenation.

If the skin is swollen after rejuvenating, please apply ice on the skin within 24 ~ 48 hours.

During treatment, the patient could feel some tingling, and the skin may be slightly red and painful within two days after treatment. If there are scabs present, they will fall off within seven days.

The skin may feel itchy after treatment and will disappear after a few days.


A skin test before fruit acid rejuvenation may be a matter of skin quality. Peeling of fruit acid sometimes causes deeper pigmentation and darkens the skin, which is especially obvious in those with yellow undertones. Therefore, be sure to choose the right institution for reliable treatment. Generally, it takes about eight to ten skin resurfacings to achieve better results. The interval and time between each peeling will increase gradually. After treatment, scabs must not be removed by the patient as they will fall off naturally. As long as the affected part is free from viral infections such as herpes or warts, and has no wounds, short-term surgery, or acute eczema, it can be treated with fruit acid skin replacement.

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