Thermage for Skin Tightening

Thermage is one of the first non-invasive technologies in the world that helps tighten the skin and removes wrinkles through radiofrequency technology. Thermage is not only safe and reliable, but it also is not damaging to the skin either because it is non-invasive. The skin's tissue is easily tightened and shaped without surgery or injections making it pain-free and safe. The process is quick, efficient, and safe. Using thermage, there is no special care required. Work-life and personal life are not affected by using thermage.

Thermage works by emitting radiofrequency (RF) on the skin. The thermage probe emits a matrix of molecular energy waves that vibrate up to six million times per second to the source of wrinkles and tissue loosening. Using a mapped grid, the areas targeted by thermage will be stimulated by the RF. This helps stimulate and increase the natural collagen in the skin. With heat from thermage, the collagen production are stimulated. Activating the skin collage and skin fibers in a highly targeted manner, the collagen production increases. At the same time, there is also a deep degree of skin tightening, lifting, and anti-wrinkle effects.

Thermage is highly recommended on the face. It is extremely helpful to reduce skin sagging, wrinkles, and the loss of contours in the safe. Thermage can help reshape the face while reducing eye and neck tissue sagging as well. Eyelid sagging, a common problem in aging is dramatically reduced, providing a more youthful appearance.

Improve Skin Sagging Problem

The skin is much firmer, making the eyes look younger and brighter.

Thermage can help reshape the contours of the facial features as well in the picture.

With Thermage, it is possible to firm the body and help shape the chest, waist, abdomen, hips, and legs. Stretch marks are also repaired and the appearance is reduced.

How does it work?
01Thermage provides instant results

Because the patented high energy and high-frequency wave are transmitted to the skin dermis, which promotes the collagen to produce a tightening effect.

02Thermage provides collagen regeneration

This smooths the skin and reduces any wrinkles visible. Within 6 months after treatment, there will be very strong collagen regeneration in the skin, with effects lasting for over two years.

The Advantages of Thermage
Extremely Effective

It is extremely effective compared and results can be seen within one session. This can save time and money. The skin is not only tightened with wrinkles removed, but there are also collagen stimulating effects that will increase elasticity in the skin over time.

Non-invasive and Safe

The procedure is non-invasive and safe compared to many other procedures. Patients have no healing time and can return to their daily lives normally.

Extremely Accurate

Thermage is extremely accurate and the patient's face is mapped out before the radio frequency is applied. This can prevent uneven treatment where only certain parts of the face are stimulated. The entire face is treated equally ensuring quality results.

Double Effect Consolidation

The Thermage system works through heating and cooling the face. As it heats up, it stimulates collagen production while the cooling allows the skin to contract, gradually contouring the skin and removing wrinkles. A heating and cooling mechanism that will reduce any discomfort felt from the heat. This allows the skin’s surface to be smooth and contoured without any damage.

Thermage VS Other Face Lifting
  Traditional surgical facelift Thermage Ultheraphy
Method Excess skin from the face and neck are removed Non-invasive radiofrequency waves are applied to the face to heat up the skin. Increases collagen production and removes wrinkles. Non-invasive ultrasound focused on the areas of the face to produce more collagen, firm, and lifting the skin.
Depth ~ 2.4~2.9mm 3.0~4.5mm
Pain A high degree of pain due to healing during surgery A Mild discomfort felt from the heat No pain
Level of risk Generally, there are risks Rare Rare
After-effects Proper wound management after the surgery A slightly warm feeling on the face after the treatment No pain, redness, or swelling
Changes in skin Skin is firmer and less wrinkle but up to 15% loss in facial movement Skin is firm, fewer wrinkles and more contoured Skin is firm and lifted
Duration of effects Effects last for 2-3 years Effects last for 1-2 years Effects last for 1-2 years
Anti-aging look between 4-7 years younger Look 5-8 years younger Look 8-15 years younger
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Recovery and Maintenance
  • Do not wash face with hot water for three days (The water temperature should below body temperature);
  • Avoid hot areas such as hot yoga or sauna for 1 month.
  • Patients who are pregnant, have severe heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism should seek their physician’s approval before treatment.
  • Patients with metal stents are not recommended for this treatment.
  • Patients with unhealed wounds or active acne need to wait for skin to heal before treatment can begin.
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