Semi-Permanent — Crystal Lip

Semi-permanent lip tattooing uses natural plant pigments to deposit into the layers of the lip. It can create the appearance of even, fuller lips with the desired colour of your choice. Results last for 2-3 years before the body metabolizes the ink. This can allow clients to easily change their desired colour. Perfect for those with uneven lip pigment or want to avoid the pain of putting makeup on every day.

The lips become flushed and naturally rosy red. Our artists can help create a beautiful lip ratio and improve evenness and create a beautiful curve.

A Beautiful Natural look
Choose As You Like
The standard lip shape in popular aesthetics:

The distance ratio of left lip corner to left lip peak、between two lip peaks、Right lip peak to right lip corner are 1:0.8:1

The Advantages of Semi-Permanent Crystal Lip

This will create an effect that is realistic and natural that people will not notice.


We will match pigments to the colour of your lip.


The pigments will fade and metabolize naturally, allowing for changes in the future.

Pain Free

Anesthesia will be applied to prevent any pain and there’s minimal swelling.

Semi-Permanent Crystal Lip VS Traditional Lip Tattooing
  Traditional Lip Tattooing Semi-Permanent Crystal Lip
How Long Does the Effect Last? Permanent, unable to remove Maintain 1 to 3 years, can be naturally metabolized
Potential Trauma Can be Traumatic Physically. Slow recovery. Small Trauma and quick Recovery
Material Used Mostly unlicensed heavy metal materials Pure plant-based materials
Color Normally darker color, sometimes can turn to unwanted dark red or blue colors. Natural color, no color change
Allergy Can cause Allergic reaction Does not cause allergic reactions
Tool Used Traditional tattooing tools, prone to infection Medically safe, one time disposable tool will be used.
Semi-permanent -Crystal Lip
Recovery and Maintenance

Avoid seafood and alcohol for a few days after treatment. Avoid direct contact with water for 24 hours after the procedure. Do not wash your face to allow it to heal. Some swelling after the procedure is normal; Apply a cold compress to help reduce swelling.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken if pain or swelling remains.

As the lip tattoo heals, it will begin to scab and flake within 2-3 days. Do not touch it and allow it to fall off normally.


Avoid scratching or removing scabs which allow the skin to heal. Increased fading may occur if the flaking is removed prematurely. Apply an ointment to nourish the dry skin one weeks after the procedure, and return for a touch-up after one month.

1. The following people are not suited for this treatment:

2. People who are prone to scarring.

3. People who have blood diseases such as hemophilia or thrombocytopenia.

4. People who have infections diseases such as hepatitis B.

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