White Doll Laser Treatment

White Doll Laser Treatment is a new whitening and rejuvenating procedure. 1064nm ND-Yag Laser bean transmits high energy to the dermis layer of the skin to remove aging keratin and pigment (especially chloasma), whitening the skin and shrinking the pores to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Additionally, it also helps with skin ecchymoses, skin acidity and alkalinity and all other blemish problems on the skin by accelerating the decomposition of melanin.

Restore Your Flawless Skin
Do You Have These Issues?
White Doll Laser Treatment—Makes Skin Younger

The white porcelain doll treatment uses selective photothermal action to release energy into the skin, targeting pigment. The pigment heats up, expands, and is broken into small particles and dissolves into the body.

Advantages of the White Doll Laser Treatment
Good for Sensitive Skin

Ultra fast vibrations of 30k/second work deep under the skin and does no damage to the surface.

Whitening Effect

A 3-D lattice is mapped onto the face with a dual wavelength laser than can reduce pigment and melanin to remove blemishes.

Revitalizing Effect

Deep facial spots and pores are targeted, removing keratin, sebum, blackheads while increasing elasticity in the skin.

White Doll Laser Treatment Three Step Process
Recovery and Maintenance
  • For the first day.
  • 1. Avoid warm water on the face and use moisturizing products.
  • 2. After the treatment, skin is more sensitive to sunlight, avoid suns exposure and apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage.
  • 3. Avoid smoking, drinking, and spicy food.
  • For the following week, avoid irritating skin care products high in alcohol, acids, or Vitamin C.

Avoid sun exposure, sunbathing or hot spas for one month. Avoid laser treatment, dermabrasion, or any acid peels for one week before treatment.

The following people should avoid the White Porcelain treatment:

  • 1. Those with a history of thrombosis or currently menstruating.
  • 2. Allergies, skin lesions, abnormal immune system, diabetic.
  • 3. Pregnant.
  • 4. Photosensitive skin or currently taking potentizing drugs.
  • 5. Inflammation or active wounds on the face.
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