Picoway Laser Treatment

The Picoway Picosecond laser is the first dual wavelength laser that targets pigmentation. Unlike traditional lasers, the Piceosecond laser can instantly destroy pigment molecules into fine particles for metabolization.

The laser can fix pigmentation problems and destroy underlaying melanin as well as tattoo pigment. At the same time, it can help firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve fine lines. The skin becomes smooth and tighter with more elasticity. The skin tone is more even as a result. The laser also helps shrink pores to reduce acne and oil secretion.

Picosecond's special treatment mode, which produces a small shock wave in the skin, activating the skin’s natural repair system.

A variety of common or difficult and complex pigmentation problems. Picosecond laser speed is very fast and the blasting ability is strong. It can crush melanin instantly.

Collagen production are stimulated and skin becomes firmer.

Brightens skin tone, shrinks pores, improves acne and oil secretion. The picosecond special treatment mode can generate small shock waves in the skin, thereby activating the skin repair mechanism and promoting skin regeneration.

Picoway super picosecond is currently the first dual-wavelength beauty laser. For various color tattoos, traditional equipment will leave prints when washed shallow, which will cause scarring; while super picosecond lasers can instantly crush pigment molecules and metabolize quickly.

How does it work?
The Advantages of Picosecond Laser
Wider Range

The large wavelength can effectively solve various skin problems ranging from pigmented skin to tattoos, fine lines and aging skin.

Safer and More Stable

Ultra-short pulses with high intensity focus on a very small area of the skin, preventing damage to the surrounding areas while destroying melanin.

Shorter Downtime

The treatment process is extremely uniform to optimize effects, allowing for a shorter downtime after treatment.

Shrinks Pores

The laser can regenerate collagen while stimulating collagen production to fill in pores, regulating sebum production and inhibiting acne.

Picosure VS. Picoway
  Traditional laser Picosure Picoway
Energy High wavelength energy, poor absorption of melanin. The wavelength of 755nm is a laser for black pigment absorption. The more absorption, the better the effect of removing melanin. 532nm/1064nm dual wavelength, deep through the muscle base, stronger ecchymosis, strengthen metabolic absorption.
Heat loss high Photothermal effect, low damage. Photomechanical effect, lower damage.
Anti-Black-pigment rate Relatively High Relatively Low Very Low
Absorption rate Melanin is broken into pebbles and is metabolized slowly Melanin is crushed into a gravel state, with smaller particles and increased metabolic rate Melanin particles crush the field in the form of sand, body positive, rapid metabolism
Adaptation efficiency Pigment spots, tattoos Color spots, tattoos, fine lines Color spots, tattoos, fine lines
Comfortability Has a long red recovery period, the skin is easy to sting Post-operative redness and mild damage Mild treatment, postoperative reddish spots
Pulse width Sub-picosecond pulse width 700-1000ps Picosecond pulse width 400-700ps Super picosecond pulse width 1-400ps
Treat+Restore Improve Skin Health
Recovery and Maintenance

Avoid direct sun exposure for a week and use wet wipes to directly cool the skin. Do not steam the face and avoid high temperature areas. Avoid using skin care products that are irritating or have acidic properties. Whitening and firming products can be used after 7 days.

Adequately nourish the skin to promote healing.


Avoid sun exposure for a week before treatment.

Avoid all laser treatments and exfoliants for four weeks before treatment.

Treatment results can vary for each patient; please consult with the doctor before treatment to ensure your expectations are understood:

The skin may look dull or darker after the treatment, this is normal and continue to protect and moisturize the skin as it repairs.

Some scabbing may and will naturally fall off after 3-7 days. Let them naturally fall off and do not pick at it to avoid further pigmentation or scarring.

The treatment of any pigmentation will require multiple sessions and take time.

The skin may feel sensitive, dry or itchy. Moisturize it to reduce symptoms.

The following people are not suitable for Picosecond Lasering:
  • 1. Pregnant women,people with sever heart disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
  • 2. Patients with implanted metal stents.
  • 3. Those with unhealed wounds and active acne.
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