Black Doll Laser Treatment

The working principle of Black Doll Laser Treatment:

  • The specific wavelength of the laser is applied to the deep melanin of the epidermis and dermis, which breaks down the melanin and is finally engulfed by phagocytes or directly replaced with sweat glands.
  • After applying a nano carbon powder onto the skin, a laser is applied to the face that will destroy pigment in the skin to provide an even complexation. The nano carbon powder also penetrates deep into the pores. The laser will then target dirt and keratin to remove it, shrinking the size of pores. The heat will also stimulate collagen and elastin fiber production to repair the face and rejuvenate it. This will restore the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores, and smoothen the skin.

Advantages of Black Doll Laser Treatment

  • 1. [Safe and Non-invasive]:No pain, adverse reactions or side effects;
  • 2. [Immediate Effects]:The skin is brighter and rejuvenated as pores are shrunk and fine lines disappear;
  • 3. [Cost Effective]:Compared to other treatments such as injections or plastic surgery, it is much cheaper and as effective.
Restores Perfect Flawless Skin
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Black Doll Laser Treatment —Lock Youth and Keep Young
The Advantages of Black Doll Laser Treatment
Safe and Non-invasive

No pain, adverse reactions or side effects

Immediate Effects

The skin is brighter and rejuvenated as pores are shrunk and fine lines disappear.

Restores the skin

The skin is brightened and rejuvenated while collagen production is increased.

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Recovery and Maintenance

Avoid direct sunlight after treatment and wear sunscreen. Avoid skincare products that exfoliate or irritate the skin including acids and alcohol. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and spicy food for one week.

There may be some redness and heat on the skin that will subside or can be reduced with a cold compress.

Adequately moisturize the skin after the treatment.

The skin may show mild local swelling, which can gradually disappear after a few days.


Most patients require 3 treatments with effects lasting for over 1 years. Avoid hot environments and cleaning the face with hot water to protect the skin. One week prior to treatment, avoid laser treatments, dermabrasion or acid peels.

The following people are not suitable for the treatment:
  • 1. People who have a history of blood clots.
  • 2. People who have sensitive or allergic skin. Have skin lesions.
  • 3. People who have had recent sun exposure or will be exposed in the future.
  • 4. Diabetic, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals .
  • 5. People with photosensitive skin or people who are taking photosensitizing drugs.
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