Whitening Injection

A combination of natural vitamin C and glutathione can provide the appearance of brighter and glowing skin.

The effects of the whitening injection are to help reduce pigmentation, brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of acne scars. Skin elasticity will be increased while pores are shrunk. It is great for alleviating the lack of sleep, stress, and other factors that may make the skin dull and fatigued.

The whitening injection process is quick and fast. Acne scars and pigmentation decrease in one week. Those with a dull complexion and use this to help bring a healthy glow into the skin. The result can last between 6 months to 1 year.

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Whitening Injection Safe Ingredients
  • Glutathione

    Glutathione is good for increasing metabolism which can help remove excess melanin and yellow pigment in the skin.

  • Amino Acids

    Promote collagen absorption, can enhance immunity, solidify the liver, refresh, and regulate endocrine.

  • Natural Vitamin C

    Whitening, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, improving dull and rough skin.

  • Tranexamic Acid

    Tranexamic acid blocks melanin synthesis by blocking tyrosinase.

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1. Fades Pigmentation

The face becomes brighter and melanin production is inhibited, reducing dark spots.

2. Antioxidant

Antioxidant effect that promotes the skin’s metabolism to improve the skin’s beauty and health.

3. Entire Body is Affected

The injected whitening injection will circulate throughout the whole body to produce beautiful glowing and brighter skin.

4. Improves Skin Texture

The dullness of the skin is reduced and becomes more radiant and fair.

Treatment Procedures
Recovery and Maintenance

For best results, avoid alcohol and smoking and staying up late. Spicy food and heavy food intake should be avoided and reduced during the treatment duration. Moderate exercise and adequate sleep will help rejuvenate the skin. Avoid irritating cosmetics and skincare products. Avoid hot water and temperatures such as hot springs or saunas to prevent melanin production.


The whitening injection is administered by an intravenous drip, and excessive injection may cause problems such as vascular atrophy and renal function damage. Therefore, it is not possible to inject whitening needles frequently for a long time. In order to increase the therapeutic effect, it can be combined with photo rejuvenation, fruit acid or plastic surgery. Do not take antibiotic-containing drugs for a short period of time after injection of whitening needles. The following types of people cannot use whitening needles:

  • 1. Pregnant and suffering from cardiovascular disease;
  • 2. People who are allergic to vitamin C;
  • 3. Diabetic patients;
  • 4. Patients with severe other diseases, especially pigment problems caused by endocrine, such as melisma, skin disease are less effective;
  • 5. Those who are allergic to glutathione vitamins.
  • 6. Actively menstruating women.

A small number of people will have temporary dizziness and other discomforts. This is a normal reaction. It is recommended to rest in the clinic for 20 minutes after the procedure. There will be red or slight pain in the injection site, which usually resolves within 24 hours. There may be some pain or swelling that can be reduced with a cold compress.

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