Thread Treatment

Thread Treatment is a new and minimally invasive beauty technology. Thread Treatment is often used for breast lifting, facial lifting, wrinkle removal and rhinoplasty and much more. Thread Treatment uses an absorbable protein that can be implanted into the body to achieve a beautiful cosmetic effect.

An expert will create CFDA certified PPDO protein line that is implanted into the body to make the body part lifted. It can effectively improve skin sagging and eliminate wrinkles from the inside out.

Thread Treatment can be done quickly and provide results safely and reliably that last for a long time.

Thread Treatment Beauty Is Not Difficult
Thread Treatment

Improves the skin and wrinkles from the inside out. The skin is firmer and smoother. Thread Treatment is suitable for the face, mouth, mouth, eyebrows and neck of the face.

Thread Treatment Rhinoplasty

The Thread Treatment rhinoplasty injects the protein line into the tip of the nose to improve the shape, providing a rhinoplasty effect that can last for two to three years.

How does it work?

The small protein lines are injected into the desired area and stimulates collagen creation. It will instantly tighten the skin and subcutaneous tissue, creating a tight lifting effect. Through the embedding of the protein line, the skin is pulled taut, allowing loose and dropping tissue to be pulled firmly upward.

The Advantages of Thread Treatment

The protein lines are easily absorbed into the body

No Scarring

The injection leaves no scarring or traces of injection

Quick and Easy

The total procedure only takes about 40 minutes

No Side-effects

A protein line that can be absorbed quickly, there are no side effects after surgery

Thread Treatment VS Traditional Surgery Peeling
  Traditional surgical peeling Thread Treatment
Operating time 120 minutes 60~90 minutes
Level of invasiveness Invasive and requires sutures. Non-invasive
Material for suturing Normal suture Protein thread that can be absorbed
Recovery 7~15 days 5~7 days
Lasting duration 2 years 1~2 years
Effect Removes surface wrinkles Eliminates wrinkles and tightens skin
Thread Treatment Process Steps
Recovery and Maintenance

After the procedure, it is important to not eat spicy food, seafood, alcohol or smoke tobacco for a week after the treatment. Reduce swelling using a hot compress and sleep early. Eat food that is rich in vitamin C and drink lots of water. Avoid hot environments such as a sauna and avoid sun exposure for a month.


The embedded protein line will be within the skin can be maintained for several years through care. The skin may be sensitive for the first three days of the procedure which is normal. Avoid excessive touching or massaging of the area. Avoid exercise and making dramatic facial expressions as it heals. This procedure requires a high level of skill from the doctor and can cause facial stiffness and cramps if not done properly. With our certified doctors, there is no fear about improper techniques.

This treatment is not suitable for those who are:
  • Allergic to drugs. Have swollen feet. Taking muscle relaxants. Pregnant women. Have myasthenia gravis.
  • Certain eyeshades may not be suitable for the procedure. Please consult with one of our technicians to see if you are a candidate.
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