Derma Shine Therapy

Using a micro needle, nutrients and hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin. Through this process, the skin becomes rejuvenated as cell regeneration increases. The skin becomes instantly hydrated, resulting in smooth and elastic skin immediately. The needle is a safe non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that injects safe ingredients into your skin that is easily absorbed and decomposed by the human body.

1. Using this needle, the skin is hydrated and moisturized with hyaluronic acid as goes into the deeper layers of the skin;

2. The skin tone is also improved as it stimulates metabolism and helps discharge any melanin in the skin and brightens it up;

3. Through this process, pores become more refined and shrink, making the skin smoother;

4. It also helps reduces the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, facial lines and crow’s feet.

Wake Up Skin Vitality
Problem Solving

A needle replenishes the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin, stimulating collagen production and helps to reduce water loss in aging skin.

As age increases, natural hyaluronic acid production decreases, causing skin to become less youthful. This procedure can renew the skin and bring back moisture.

Basic principle of Derma Shine

1. Dry and rough skin with fine lines and large pores are diminished by injecting hyaluronic acid and nutrients deep into the skin.

2. After one week, the cells will become fuller, smoothen the face and any static wrinkles.

4 advantages of Derma-shine Therapy
1. Non-surgical treatment

It is non-surgical, non invasive and painless injection in the upper layer of the skin using a medical skin-care device approved by the Department of Health.

2. Non toxic with no side effects

There are multiple ingredients, which depends on your needs. Most popular ones are hyaluronic acid, botox and PRP cells. This not only provides excellent results but is extremely safe for the body.

3. Multiple Effects

It can stimulate collagen production, promotes the absorption of nutrients and reduce wrinkles. The skin becomes firmer, and brighter, leaving the skin elastic and hydrated.

4. Fast and Convenient

The procedure can be done within 30 minutes. The skin is hydrated, brightened and tightened without down time.

Start the Journey of Whitening and Rejuvenating
Recovery and Maintenance

After the procedure, ice may be applied to reduce swelling and redness. Do not massage or touch the skin excessively and keep the area clean. Avoid hot environments and sun exposure. After the procedure, moisturize the skin well to retain the best results. Avoid smoking, exercising, and spicy food for a short period after the treatment. Cooling treatment at the site immediately after treatment can reduce redness. Please keep the face clean after Derma Shines treatment, do not over-massage and knead, and avoid the environment of high temperature and heat, not exposed to sunlight for a long time. Remember to intensive moisturizing after treatment. For a short period of time, you need to stop smoking, avoid sauna or exercise. Do not eat spicy food during the recovery period, the diet can be light.


Hydro lifting injections typically last for several months as it is non-invasive. After the procedure, avoid ointments or skin care products that can be irritating to prevent infection. Improper application of topical anesthetic may cause some pain. If pain levels are high, use painkillers to reduce pain. Patients are not suitable for hydro lifting if they are.

1. Pregnant:

2. Taking drugs that may prevent coagulation:

3. Systemic diseases such as leukemia, lupus erythematosus, severe diabetes, etc.

4. Menstruating as it can increase sensitivity for the skin.

5. Patients with sensitive skin should communicate with the doctor to assess pain levels and management. The recovery time of bleeding spots varies from each client, but recovery is typically within 3-5 days. After the injection is completed, there is some redness and bruising will subside within a week.

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