Benefits of ClearLift Laser(Clearlift)

The growth of collagen can be proliferated through ND-YAG laser technology. As the laser is treating the layers beneath the skin, there’s no side effects and recovery necessary. The aging skin will regain its elasticity and firmness. This treatment is suitable for people of all ages and skin colour due to its safety. Optimizing collagen production is ideal to prevent signs of aging, loss of firmness and loose skin. ClearLift is equipped with almost 100 precise microlens that emit laser frequency to provide fast and accurate results.

The ClearLift technology provides perfect combination of mechanical and thermal effects as it incorporates thermal heat and as well increased water absorption. This can allow for the deeper layers of the skin to be heated.

Improve the Problems of Sagging Skin
Benefits of ClearLift Laser
The Integration of Fraxel and Q-switch Technology

ClearLift is equipped with nearly a hundred precision optical micro-lenses, an automatic sensing module and a gemstone Q-switched pumping device, which can emit super-focused high-energy microbeams in a very short nanosecond time, providing a single row of 1 * 7 or fast and accurate Multiple rows of 5 * 5 like beam spots.

The Perfect Combination of Mechanical and Thermal Effects

Unlike other non-exfoliation fraxel, which only use thermal damage to promote collagen synthesis, ClearLift not only has the best water absorption coefficient of 1064nm, which brings stronger thermal effects, but also protects the integrity of the epidermis while forming machinery under the dermis The blasting effect causes cavitation of the dermal tissue. ClearLift uses the synergistic effect of mechanical and thermal effects to strongly trigger the wound healing mechanism, promote collagen regeneration in a large amount, and quickly promote skin remodeling.

Five Features Show Charming Demeanor
Increases Collagen

The laser can effectively treat the middle layer of the dermis to increase collagen production, making the skin heal faster and delays aging.

Removes Fine Lines

When used on the upper layers of the dermis, the wound healing reaction will begin, removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Full Face Rejuvenation

Due to its safety, the laser can be applied anywhere on the face, even areas where the skin is thinner or more sensitive.

Shrinks Pores

It can accurately act on the deep layers of the dermis, to regenerate collagen and allow the intercellular space to filled in, reducing pores. This can help eliminate blackheads, whiteheads, and regulate sebum production on oily skin

Fine Skin

It can precisely act on the superficial layer to the middle layer of the dermis. The synergistic effect of mechanical and thermal effects can trigger the wound healing mechanism, promote the regeneration, reorganization and repair of collagen and elastic fibers, make the skin texture more delicate, and quickly restore the delicate and smooth young state.

Operation Steps of ClearLift Laser
Recovery and Maintenance

The treatment is extremely safe and effective and can be used anywhere on the face including the eyes and the neck. Most treatments see best results after 6 treatments although effects are seen immediately. Treatment effects last for about 12 months.

Apply sunscreen immediately after treatment and avoid hot and sunny areas. Do not drink alcohol or use aspirin on the skin. Do not touch, press, squeeze or rub the face. Due to the increased cell regeneration after the treatment, the skin may be drier. Drink lots of water to hydrate the skin. Moisturize the skin liberally. Some swelling and redness may appear after the treatment and will subside on their own.


Avoid exercise for the 12 hours after the surgery. Do not perform any other laser treatments on the face for 7 days. Avoid tanning salons and other ultraviolet radiation for 28 days. Apply sunscreen liberally and use antioxidant products.

This treatment is not recommended for:
  • Anyone who plans to have sun exposure within 30 days;
  • Women who are pregnant;
  • Patients with epilepsy or is diabetic;
  • Patients with severe heart disease, high blood pressure or a tendency to bleed;
  • Patients who have irritated skin.
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