Stubborn Fat

Certain areas of the body contain fat that can be difficult to lose. Some of the causes for stubborn fat include bad dietary habits, poor lifestyle habits, a lack of exercise and inappropriate weight loss methods.

However, even with proper habits and exercise, there are areas of the body that refuse to lose weight. This is because the fat cells are often found in the deep subcutaneous layers. It can be difficult to treat these areas without targeted treatment.

Treatment Selection 1 Vshape Ultra

VShape Ultra is a non surgical option to reducing fat. Using high frequency ultrasound waves, fat cells are targeted and destroyed. Areas of the body will become slimmer and more contoured with an even appearance.

Treatment Selection 2 Radio Frequency (RF) Tightening

Using electric radio frequency, long waves will target the deeper layers of the skin. The radio frequency waves will cause the water molecules in the collagen to heat up. The thermal energy will cause collagen production to begin. This will help the skin contract and tighten for a smooth and firm appearance. Stubborn fat cells will also be disrupted, allowing for them to shrink.

Treatment Selection 3 Belkyra

A highly effective and safe non-surgical local weight loss procedure. Injections are made into areas such as the double chin, face, or limbs to kill fat cells.

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