Aging Hands

As the body ages, hands are one of the first areas that show aging. Dry hands will often lose collagen and elastic fibers. This can cause deep wrinkles that cause tendons and blood vessels to become prominent. Further sun damage can cause pigmentation and uneven skin tone also.

Treatment Selection 1 CO2 Laser

The CO2 Laser helps target deep into the skin to target damaged skin, smooth wrinkles and improve overall texture. The skin becomes renewed and tightened while collagen promotion is stimulated. This can reduce any unwanted texture in the skin.

Treatment Selection 2 Derma Shine HA Injection

Using a special gun with a gentle pressure, it injects hyaluronic acid and many other beneficial hydrating nutrients into the skin’s dermis. The skin’s absorption of these nutrients will help rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin and bring moisture back.

Treatment Selection 3 Clearlift

Clearlift is a ND-YAG Laser, Using Q-switch technology, the deep subcutaneous tissue is targeted to stimulate collagen without affecting the epidermis. This procedure is fast and efficient and has no downtime.

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