Rough Skin

Rough skin is cracked skin that is dry and dehydrated or coarse in texture. As we age, the skin’s fat film breaks down and weakens over time that causes discomfort. This causes our sebaceous glands to secret less natural skin oils, causing dry skin that begins rougher over time. Not only is the skin rough, dryness can cause discomfort as well. Another cause of rough skin is due to changes in climate. Dry winters and direct summer sun can cause the skin to become dry and rough as well. Additionally, malnutrition and vitamin B2 and B6 deficiency can also cause rougher skin. Other factors such as allergens and improper skincare routines and products will also cause the skin to become rough as well. It is important to prevent rough skin that can harm your appearance.

Treatment Selection 1 Chemical Peel

Using a high concentration of fruit acid, the skins keratin is exfoliated. This accelerates skin renewal rate as it removes the upper epidermal cells. This removes the layer of clogged skin cells and increases regeneration of elastic fibers.

Treatment Selection 2 Picoway

Picoway targets the deep layers of the skin. This causes the skin to repair itself and promote collagen proliferation and regeneration. This will help reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and skin texture. It will also help reduce clogged pores that create acne.

Treatment Selection 3 CO2 Laser

The CO2 Laser helps target deep into the skin to target damaged skin, smooth wrinkles and improve overall texture. The skin becomes renewed and tightened while collagen promotion is stimulated. This can reduce any unwanted texture in the skin.

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