Pigmentation and Wrinkles

Skin can be affected by short-term immediate damage from sunburns and tanning. In the long term, this causes fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer. The cause of this issue can be found through the protein melanin. UV radiation will cause melanin growth, resulting in dull skin and increased wrinkles and lines. For a clear and radiant complexion, it is important to reverse the effects of UV damage. Reversing melanin production can create smooth radian skin that is more radiant and brighter.

Treatment Selection 1 IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Photo rejuvenation uses a long wavelength of light that penetrates deeply into the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects. This allows the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin to be rearranged and regenerated. This reduces sebum production and clogged pores while reducing any pigmentation.

Treatment Selection 2 Picoway

Picoway targets the deep layers of the skin. This causes the skin to repair itself and promote collagen proliferation and regeneration. This will help reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and skin texture. It will also help reduce clogged pores that create acne.

Treatment Selection 3 Whitening Injection

The benefits of whitening injection include quick results that are long lasting. Reduces acne scars and pigmentation within a week and can be used in conjunction with topical whitening for lasting results.

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