Excessive Facial Oil Secretion

The skin is composed of three layers that include the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is responsible for maintaining the skin’s health. The upper layer’s stratum corneum has a sebum film that helps prevent skin from becoming dehydrated. Dry, dehydrated skin can cause several skin issues such as tight and peeling skin that increases wrinkles. Normal healthy skin typically has about a 10% moisture content through sebum production. Without proper moisture, the skin can be dull and cause excessive sebum production. This issue can be worsened by lack of sleep, stress, and even climate changes. To fix this issue, is important to nourish the skin’s stratum corneum to prevent dull, dry, peeling skin.

Treatment Selection 1 Chemical Peel

Using a high concentration of fruit acid, the skins keratin is exfoliated. This accelerates skin renewal rate as it removes the upper epidermal cells. This removes the layer of clogged skin cells and increases regeneration of elastic fibers.

Treatment Selection 2 Derma Shine HA Injection

Using a special gun with a gentle pressure, it injects hyaluronic acid and many other beneficial hydrating nutrients into the skin’s dermis. The skin’s absorption of these nutrients will help rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin and bring moisture back.

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