Dehydrated Skin

One of the most uncomfortable feeling is dry and dehydrated skin. The face will feel tight and painful due to peeling and flaking in the skin. Coupled with age, climate change, lack of sleep, or excessive fatigue, the skin can become even drier. To prevent dry skin, it is important to care for the epidermis. The epidermis includes the stratum corneum which is responsible for secreting natural oils to protect the skin. Typically, the stratum corneum’s moisture content is approximately 10%. When the skin’s moisture content is below 10%, the skin becomes dull and fine lines are formed.

Treatment Selection 1 Derma Shine HA Injection

Using a special gun with a gentle pressure, it injects hyaluronic acid and many other beneficial hydrating nutrients into the skin’s dermis. The skin’s absorption of these nutrients will help rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin and bring moisture back.

Treatment Selection 2 Water Bomb Facial

Using hyaluronic acid, the water bomb facial can allow the skin to absorb 300-1000 times more moisture. This allows the skin to receive nutrients and prevent collagen breakdown.

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