Blackheads and Comedones

Blackheads are a form of acne that is a result of excessive oil secretion. Blackheads are oily granules that caused the skin’s pores to be clogged. Another form of this acne also includes milia that can be caused by excessively moisturizing skin care products. Overtime, blackheads can turn into inflammatory acne as bacteria growth continues. Without proper treatment, blackheads can turn into papules, pustules, and even cystic acne. The level of severity varies from person to person and requires careful treatment.

Treatment Selection 1 Chemical Peel

Using a high concentration of fruit acid, the skins keratin is exfoliated. This accelerates skin renewal rate as it removes the upper epidermal cells. This removes the layer of clogged skin cells and increases regeneration of elastic fibers.

Treatment Selection 2 Picoway

Picoway targets the deep layers of the skin. This causes the skin to repair itself and promote collagen proliferation and regeneration. This will help reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and skin texture. It will also help reduce clogged pores that create acne.

Treatment Selection 3 Aqua Clean Treatment

The deep cleaning of small bubbles is to clean the dirt in the deep layer of skin by spraying and rotating absorption of nutrient solution, and to remove all kinds of impurities, mites, grease and other residues in the deep layer of cuticle and hair follicle when contacting the skin for a long time without damage. At the same time, nutrient solution can provide necessary nutrients for cells, increase the elasticity of skin, and make the skin tender and white.

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