Nose Contouring

The nose is located directly in the centre of the face and it can affect one’s appearance greatly. Minor contouring such as increasing the nose bridge or changing parts of the nose’s tip can help create a shape that is more attractive. This can help transform the face and provide a straighter desirable nose shape. Non-invasive and non-surgical treatments can be performed to improve certain aspects of the face. This includes hyaluronic acid injections which can achieve a higher nose bridge that looks natural. The effects are long-lasting and can be modified to suit each person’s needs.

Treatment Selection 1 Line Carving and Threading

Implanting a protein line into the dermis, the sagging muscles will be lifted by the protein thread. This procedure can visibly reduce the appearance of deep lines and sagging skin and help change the shape of the nose.

Treatment Selection 2 Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is very safe, is a substance that exists in the skin itself. It helps the skin retain moisture and can also fill the skin’s dermis. This can remove static wrinkles, fill facial depressions, and improve the skin’s texture.

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