Chin Contouring

A prominent feature on the face, the chin can affect a person’s profile and overall facial features. Some people with non-prominent jaw lines may have a chin that looks weak and short from the front. Short chins can also because by frequent mouth breathing as a child as well as poor lifestyle habits.

The lack of a strong chin can make the face less dimensional while shortening the length of a face. To improve appearance, hyaluronic injections can be a safe and non-invasive procedure to improve appearance. This can create a beautiful jawline and a longer, delicate face.

Treatment Selection 1 Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is very safe, is a substance that exists in the skin itself. It helps the skin retain moisture and can also fill the skin’s dermis. This can remove static wrinkles, fill facial depressions, and improve the skin’s texture.

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